Our aim is to have all main engine spares suitable for your Pielstick or MAN 48/60 on stock, all of the time.

This includes the small, but crucial, differences between the licensees.This covers the Pielstick PC2, Pielstick PC2.3, Pielstick PC2.5, Pielstick PC2.6, Pielstick PC20 and Pielstick PA6 engines.

Naturally, we are also aware of the differences between the MAN 48/60A, MAN 48/60B and MAN 48/60TS.

Our stockholding has increased dramatically over the years  to give us our unrivalled position on stockholding for spare parts suitable for your Pielstick or MAN 48/60 engines, 100+ cylinder liners, 100+ pistons, 1000's of bearing shells, 1000's of nozzles, spindles etc. Plus all the gaskets, washers, screws, nuts, o-rings that you need.