Over 30 different companies (licensees) built Pielstick engines under license. They include:

  • CROSSLEY Pielstick engines
  • NKK Pielstick Engines
  • Lindholmen Pielstick Engines
  • Wartsila Pielstick Engines
  • IHI Pielstick Engines
  • COLT/FAIRBANKS MORSE Pielstick Engines
  • NIIGATA Pielstick Engines
  • BLOHM AND VOSS Pielstick Engines
  • SHAANXI DIESEL Pielstick Engines
  • RUSSKIY DIESEL Pielstick Engines
  • SEMT Pielstick Engines
  • KIRLOSKAR Pielstick Engines

    For the MAN 48/60 we can supply spare parts suitable for the following engine types:

    • MAN 48/60A
    • MAN 48/60B
    • MAN 48/60TS

    Please contact us if you are operating your engine under the NOx parameter system, so that we can discuss your exact requirements.


    Crucially, we understand and we are also aware of the differences between the different licensee built engines.


    We are now also the supplier to some of the Pielstick ex-licensees as they know that what we supply is what they and ultimately their customer needs.


    This is for the following engines: Pielstick PC2, Pielstick PC2.3, Pielstick PC2.5, Pielstick PC2.6, Pielstick PC20 and Pielstick PA6.