Using our knowledge and influence on the production, we can control the quality of what we offer.Only the best, most reputable manufacturers are involved in our supply chain. Naturally, most are German based and with our stringent quality control you can have absolute confidence that we will provide the quality spare parts suitable for your Piesltick or MAN 48/60 engines that you need.

Our length of time specialising in the Pielstick business, and on just just a few engines from the Pielstick range (PC2, PC2.2, PC2.3, PC2.5, PC2.6, PC20 and PA6), has given us the expertise to help our customers make the right decisions.


The small, but crucial differences between Pielstick licensees or the MAN 48/60 types (A,B,CR,TS) are known by our competent technical staff and all is stored on our sophisticated software database.