Technical Support

Our length of time specialising in the Pielstick business, and on just just a few engines from the Pielstick range (PC2, PC2.2, PC2.3, PC2.5, PC2.6, PC20 and PA6), has given us the expertise to help our customers make the right decisions.


We can offer basic technical support over the phone or by email and we can also support you with highly trained Pielstick specialists to visit your plants for review and assessment or for Supervising/completing overhauls. Of course we are also available for all emergencies and are willing to travel to all customers to offer assistance where we can.


We are also actively involved in pursuing the modernisation of your Pielstick engines. Small and cost-effective improvements such as installing a non-cooled injection system or a cylinder liner which will give a significant decrease in lub-oil consumption.

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